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We’ve reached a Twitter following of 500 today!!  How exciting!!

I’ve been looking at the numbers for a few days now.  477, 492, 489, 497, 498, 496…….Just when I had stopped looking a little email slid into my inbox showing we had a new follower.

So I took a little peek…

And Yay!!  500 followers!

The awesome being who made up our 500th follower was National Holidays – whose twitter handle is @coachtripps.  I’ve had a bit of a look at their site and there looks to be some awesome coach tours just begging to be booked!

They cover Europe, Britain and Ireland by the look and have a great search option so you can see all the different tours that are available.  There are also mini cruises – I’m pretty sure there’s one of those with our name on it come midyear!!

And they have a cool shortlist so you can add things to your list and go back to them at a later date!  I need to do that!

So I’ve bookmarked their site and will sign up for their free newsletter update to make sure I don’t miss out on any awesome specials that might be on at exactly the time we want to travel!!

Europe here we come.  My trip planning for that leg just got a whole lot easier thanks to Twitter!!

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