5 Super Saving Tips For Travelling The World!

saving tips for travelling the world on a budget

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Managing your money while travelling can be tough, especially on a shoestring budget.  Cash saved in one location, can be worth a lot more in the next, so it is vital to keep a firm grip on as much money as you can while away from home.  

You never know what might lie around the corner in the remaining months or weeks of your journey.  We found this when we spent whatever we saved by being in Asia and didn’t hang on to it for when we got to Europe!

To help you out, here are five top tips for keeping the purse strings as tight as possible on your trip around the world!

Go Business Class on weekends

We have touched on different accommodation on this site before, but in order to be truly frugal with your accommodation money, you should pay close attention to the type of city you are in.  If you are visiting a major location or one of the more business savvy destinations in the world, then make sure you check into the business side of town, rather than the city centre if you are staying on weekends.

You might be further away from the action but you will most likely find this much cheaper due to the fact hotel rates in these areas are often dropped on weekends in order to fill spare rooms.  Those rooms would have usually been occupied with businessmen who have gone home after a hard week at work (cough!)

Make sure you work out how much you will save versus how much you will spend by having to pay for transport to essentials like decently priced food and entertainment.

Fly on a budget

While airline costs are fixed and flying will undoubtedly cost you a large chunk of your travel budget, buying things for the flight away from the actual airport will prove to be much cheaper – especially if you plan to catch multiple flights.

An inflatable neck-pillow, for example, will cost roughly double the price if you wait to buy it right before the check-in gate, so plan ahead and spend wisely.

Of course sometimes you just want to get rid of that last bit of currency and that can lead to you over-paying at the airport.  Not much you can do about that!

Inform your mobile provider

This one is a given – but if you go abroad and make some calls, it’s going to cost you!  Most major mobile providers understand that travelling the world has become an increasingly common interest over the last few decades and now offer packages to help you out.  Don’t think for a second that they’ll be cheap though!

Your best bet is to travel with an unlocked phone and buy a local sim if you absolutely must have access to a mobile while you travel.

Or, shock horror, try to live without one for your time away!  I know, I know, I am making blasphemous statements now!  But I personally think not connecting your phone is an awesome saving tip when you travel.  It also makes you actually talk to those around you – yes interraction with locals!

If you spend all your money on making calls overseas and then arrive home to a blockbuster bill, you might regret your time abroad – we wouldn’t want that now would we?

Gamble on some extra cash

Entertain yourself without going out in expensive destinations.

Now this might sound strange to you and it absolutely is not for those who are travelling on a bare-bones budget.  If you have a medium budget though, and you find yourself in quite an expensive area, you might just want to stay in and entertain yourself online.

Online sites like http://www.online-casino-friend.com have a tonne of offers to keep you entertained on a night in (or even when you are travelling if you have hooked your device up with a local sim).  These types of sites often give you a bonus just for signing up and you can use that to play with even before you think about depositing a penny.  And hey, the prospect of some free money while away could prove awesome for you, right?  Imagine winning a few dollars on the road and being able to stay somewhere more fancy at the next stop?  Gert plays online all the time and we’ve had a couple of little windfalls as well as him having hours of fun online too.

Paying by card? Say Local Please!

A trip around the world is generally a long trip.  Given the length of your stay abroad, it is likely you might take your bank cards in case of financial emergency or even just to keep them safe.

Either way, be sure to remind the cashiers, should you use your cards, that you would like to pay in euros or US$ or whatever the native currency, rather than your own currency.  If you don’t pay in the local currency you risk getting an awful exchange rate and losing more money than you have to on every single transaction.  This could prove costly if you are a frequent card user!

Don’t underestimate these fees as they quickly add up.

So there are 5 of our saving tips for travelling while your tour around the world.  There are zillions more but I’m sure you don’t want to be here reading all day!  And I have to save a few tips so you come back another time, right?

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    • Thanks for the visit Serena. We’ve definitely scored some bargains on business accommodation – you really do have to weigh it up with the costs to get to cheap food though. In Thailand it was super easy – there was the cheapest food I’ve ever eaten just down the road!

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