25 Things I’ve Learned While Travelling in Asia

Travelling in Asia sets you up for some serious learning!

I’ve learnt a lot while travelling in Asia. Some things about the countries themselves and some things about my family. There’s so many (and I’m typing this at midnight and do tend to ramble at that time) that I’ve decided to make a list instead of boring you with big long sentences. Be amazed by my list people…….

  1. Bangkok doesn’t have enough rubbish bins – They could increase the number by 400% and there still wouldn’t be enough!
  2. Even with dozens of cats lurking on every corner there are still big, fat, hairy rats ready to dart in front of you!
  3. Kate is terrified of butterflies! Who knew she wouldFREAK OUT when one got near her on the bus!
  4. Jono can’t hold his pee!
  5. Thai food is not what everyone says it is. Give me McDonalds any day!
  6. 95% of street food vendors and road signs are in Thai – amazing since this is Thailand! This was unexpected after the ease of navigating Malaysia!
  7. Gert is an old woman who freaks out if we are not packed, laundered, fed or whatever else 10 hours ahead of time! This can be a source of friction!
  8. The train service in Bangkok is incredibly easy to navigate. We only had difficulty the first day and after that it was a breeze – what a relief!
  9. Brittney spends WAY to much time talking to strange men!
  10. EVERY price is negotiable!
  11. Apparently I can get sick – who knew?
  12. Our family are really crap at sticking to the food budget but awesome at sticking to the entertainment budget!
  13. Asian lollies and snacks do not agree with our Western mouths!  Travelling in Asia makes you want your lollies from home!
  14. Half of Denmark and Sweden are currently holidaying in Malaysia and Thailand – I know this because Gert keeps talking to them in their own tongue!!
  15. We are pretty sure we are getting on the scam bus to Cambodia tomorrow!
  16. Hostels are really awesome to stay in – maybe we’ve cheated so far by having private rooms but we are still WAY under our accommodation budget.
  17. Immunisations hurt. Whether you get them in Australia or Bangkok. The only thing that doesn’t hurt in Bangkok is your wallet!
  18. Thai cooking uses a lot of oil – Not anything like Thai food in Australia. Kate had an omelette the other day and it was practically deep fried and crispy like chips!
  19. The Roti in Thailand is oiled up as well – Basically add peanut butter and it’s a handful of heart attack!!
  20. Soup made from “inside of Pork” really does contain heart, lung, kidneys and all kinds of other things that should only be smushed up and put into sausages!!
  21. Fried crickets, scorpions and little maggoty worm things are sold on food carts just like fried chicken!! EEEK! (I’m trying some next time!!)
  22. If we die in Asia it will be courtesy of a crazy Tuk Tuk ride!!
  23. Both Malaysian and Thai people are super sweet!
  24. Reading too much online about scams makes you doubt even the sweetest, most helpful person here and it’s a shame.
  25. No one ever needs everthing they have packed in their backpack!!

So there’s my list – please feel free to comment below if you think I should have learnt something else by now!

We are off to Cambodia in the morning. At 6am one of us may break something trying to get down the itsy bitsy hostel stairs, in the dark with no handrails, whilst wearing fully laden backpacks and no shoes….we are currently taking bets on who it will be.

If there’s no posts for a few days either it was me who took the tumble or we have no internet connection in Cambodia!! (Or the scam bus has abandoned us and we are still walking!)

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25 Things I’ve Learned While Travelling in Asia — 9 Comments

  1. No comment on the McDonalds v Thai Food 😉

    BUT>>> I have a friend who is a Tuk Tuk driver in Cambodia – Siem Reap. He is very honest, speaks English, and an amazing guide for Angkor Wat etc. I think he charges about $12 a day, for a *full* day…. I would be so happy if you hooked up with him, if you need his details, please let me know and I will get them to you.
    Trust me, he is the greatest Tuk Tuk driver on earth! He would pick you up from wherever you need to be picked up from, and also take you to a nice place to stay – just tell him your budget, what you’re looking for, and he’ll show you some options.

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY recommend it!

    Nate recently posted..Peles Castle, Romania – Cradle of a Dynasty – Photo FridayMy Profile

    • I’m going to call the greatest tuk tuk driver on earth shortly. His fellow tuk tuk men took us to a place where lunch was $30 for the five of us!! Haven’t paid that for a meal in the last 29 days!!

      • Hi TRacey – yes, all the Tuk Tuk drivers in Siem Reap will do that – for a kick-back.

        Even Sovann may do it – partially for the kickback, and partially because he thinks aussies won’t like the *real* local food, or the real local restaurants. You need to explain you want to eat where he eats! Ask him to take you to where he took Mr Nate! haha it always cracks me up, referring to myself as Mr Nate.

        Good luck! If you’re hanging around Siem Reap another day or so, I would love to get some money to you, that you could give to Sovann as a gift from me. Without a bank account, or even an address (as far as Western Union is concerned), it is really hard for me to get money to him!
        Nate recently posted..Make a Date, Change Your Life Forever – The Yomadic-2-Step™My Profile

  2. You seem to have covered pretty much everything except one thing…………………
    If they have an adams apple, they’re a boy! Lol.

    • Haha! I missed that one! Actually we expected to see them everywhere but have been sorely dissappointed!! Obviously we are not frequenting the right places!!

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