2012 is our ticket to freedom!

2012 is our ticket to freedom!

In just 20 more sleeps that freedom will become our reality.

We will be able to:

  • Get up when we want.
  • Go to sleep when we want.
  • Sightsee if we want.
  • Swim if we want.
  • Shop if we want.
  • Exercise if we want. (we won’t!)
  • Spend most of the day trying to get last night’s curry to JUST PLEASE STOP ALREADY…….if we want!

You get the picture.

So there’s quite a bit of excitement around!!  For instance.  The girls were super excited when I made these purchases recently…….






All necessary stuff right?  Who doesn’t need 3 boxes of Gastro-stop, I can hear you all asking!!

And Gert was excited when I slipped in Wow Sight and Sound last week and accidently bought a new little computer!  You can never have too many huh?   And my full size one really is dying!!  And it was an ACCIDENT so it doesn’t really count!!

Then there was this…….

I’ll need it to remind me of home!  We’ll be away for possibly two Australia Days you know!! Just be glad I took it off before taking the pic – it’s still a tiny bit tight.  By Australia Day it’ll be fine……fine I tell ya!!


Other exciting events to occur this week?  Well I packed my backpack – again. But this was the real pack and now everything in there is not allowed out again until my feet are on foreign soil.  Jono’s pack is next and then the girl’s on Monday.  Then next week I’m dragging them all to work to get them weighed.  I’m guessing that mine, Gert and Jono’s will come in around the 20kg mark and that both the girls will have at least 25kg which will need to be culled.

I couldn’t help giggling while I packed mine – there’s barely anything in it – while Kate still has enough clothes to outfit a small third world village. Can’t wait to see how her packing goes!!

I also made the momentous decision to stop freaking about unfinished scrapbooking.  I’m packing everything up tomorrow – it’s just stressing me out and I have more than enough to do!  I’ve taken stock of all of the crap and basically it’s all just that.  We needed it these last few weeks but we really don’t need it anymore. I’ve bought a couple of extra packing boxes and basically everything is going into them tomorrow and I’ll drop them off at storage next weekend.  With 20 more sleeps we are on the home stretch with no time to much around.

We’ve purchased a new portable hard drive and extra sim cards and holders, checked that we have chargers for everything and besides actual detail planning there’s not much else to do!!

Check our Itinerary page to see where we are at with the planning – it’s early days yet but we’re actually making some progress – which is lucky – did I mention we leave in 20 sleeps!!

I’ll do a post later on in the week with the juicy details!

Alas….I have yet to start our tax returns…..did I mention we leave in just 20 sleeps?!?!?!

This post was meant to be part of a 30 day project being run by bootsnall.com.  I kind of got sidetracked but now I’m catching up because it was such a good idea and I can’t bear to leave it unfinished!  Check back each day for my latest bout of rambling….

Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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2012 is our ticket to freedom! — 8 Comments

  1. It’s crazy exciting. I love the freedom take. I can’t wait for that. You can do whatever you want. Anything! I know you will enjoy it!

    • Hi Jennifer – so great to see you here! Are you in our tribe? 4 years onthe road? How amazing!! I must admit I haven’t checked out your site yet – I had no idea you’d been gone so long! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to catch up with you guys next year – wherever that may be!! Off to see what you’ve been up to right now!

    • You left “weigh” out of the list!! Did you know if you get the nice big shiny bus from KL to Singapore you can only have 15kg of luggage? AS IF!!!!! We won’t be making that particular bus trip!!

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