That Moment When A Book Makes You Want To Travel!

Vietnam 100 Travel Unusual Tips cover

I read a book this week that made me desperate to travel again and I wanted to share it with you. I say ‘desperate to travel again’ as I write this from the beach in Fiji! I know – I’m pathetic, and you hate me!

I had an advance copy of Vietnam: 100 Unusual Travel Tips sent to me by Barbara from The Dropout Diaries fame. You remember her and Vu – they’re the ones that took us on those AMAZING food tours when we were in Vietnam.

I settled down to have a read and the more I read, the more I chuckled over some of the more obscure facts. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this book but I had high hopes because I knew it had taken several years to reach completion.

And wasn’t I pleasantly surprised? I found myself giggling over some of the details that other guides leave out. The Vietnamese obsession with ear cleaning for one – there was even a picture! As I pored over the tips, I was reminded of our trips to Vietnam and the wonderful time we’d had. Even though we’ve spent over two months in Vietnam now, there were still loads of things I learned from reading Barb and Vu’s guide. I soon found myself pulling up the photos on my computer of our most recent trip to Vietnam.

So I thought I’d let you all know that the book has finally been released on Amazon. The Kindle edition is a steal, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that a paperback has been created for those of us who still love to carry a little travel guide in our backpack. (If you’ve got Kindle Unlimited you can actually read this book for free too – BARGAIN!)

How I Picture Vietnam

Lucky for me I have no more spare holiday days that I can take at work – otherwise, I just might have booked myself a flight to Vietnam so I could relive some of the fun moments I read about in this book.

This book isn’t your boring, everyday guide to Vietnam. It’s a delicious assortment of essential facts and fascinating insights into a country that is wildly fun to visit.

You can click here to check it out on Amazon and get your own copy. I know you won’t be sorry.

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I considered writing a 2014 round up for about 42 seconds but honestly, I don’t do well with gazing back, so I’m just skipping it.  I gave you this selfie (which is technically looking back) instead.  I’m a big girl so I get to choose right?  I feel so excited about the new year that it’s a bit hard for me to be bothered doing the round up!

(If you’re desperate you could just search our blog with 2014 of course!)

What I really wanted to tell you about was how mistaken I appear to have been about the concept of home.  Long before we set off to travel I wrote about how home would be different for us in 2012.  And it definitely was.  While we travelled, if we said ‘it’s time to go home’ everyone knew we were talking about where we were sleeping that night.

There was never a moment where I thought home meant anything Continue reading

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Top Things To Do In Seattle

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Favourite Fotos: You’re Gonna Fall Over! Don’t You Dare Think Of Suing!

Don't think of suing Kek Lok Si Temple!

It’s been a while since we’ve amused you with a Favourite Foto, so here’s a funny sign from the Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang.  Basically they are saying ‘we know you’re going to fall down but don’t even think of suing since we don’t got no insurance peeps’!

As someone with a safety background this sign always fascinates me.

I know it’s probably been messed up a little bit in translation and they probably don’t mean it is inevitable that you’ll fall over while you’re visiting!

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